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A production and finance company for film and television, Romero Pictures is fueled by creative, driven by passion and reared on strategic business and marketing. 

a production company

Since its formal organization in 2008, Romero Pictures has worked tirelessly to grow into an organization that incubates unique projects designed to fit into a commercially appealing mold and finds risk adverse projects in which Romero Pictures may become involved with from a finance and/or production aspect.  Romero Pictures works closely with top sales agents and distribution companies to find the right fit for every project.  With non-exclusive partnerships, the company helps place projects in the right hands on a case-by-case basis as opposed to forcing projects into molds in which they may not fit.

At Romero Pictures, we look for and help assemble talented and creative management for every project with the goal of empowering artistic innovation to create powerful content profitable.

a finance partner

Through our partnership with Excelsior Capital Partners and banks on the East and West coasts that invest in Romero Pictures’ projects, we also looks to finance films in the $2-$20M budget range through a combination of a structured debt package, equity and pre-sales, while offering a team of professionals with proven track records to help mitigate risk to equity investors and help deliver the best version of every film in which we participate.