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Romero Pictures is a content production company for film and television with 25 years of experience.  We are fueled by creative, driven by passion and reared on strategic business and marketing. 

a production company

We are a creator driven content production solutions company.  We were formalized in 2008 by industry legacy George C. Romero.  With more than twenty-five (25) years as an experienced film production services specialist, Romero has served as a commercial, film and television creator, producer and director.  He has more than 125 global reaching commercials for Fortune 50 companies and 24 films under his belt.

Romero has worked tirelessly to grow his company into an organization that incubates unique projects.  He helps design them to fit into a commercially appealing mold.  We become involved in risk adverse projects as a production and/or finance partner.

Romero Pictures works closely with top sales agents and distribution companies to find the right fit for every project.

Our non-exclusive partnerships help place projects in the right hands.  We never force projects into molds in which they may not fit.

Creative content production management and execution isn't an easy task.

We look for, assemble and manage talented, creative crews for every content production project.  Our goal is to empower artistic innovation, create powerful content and make it profitable.  This is no easy task for the solo independent. Nobody should have to do this alone.

a set & production design company

Having started his career in the entertainment industry at a very young age, George C. Romero began designing and building sets, props, and production design elements for film and television in 1995 and has production designed more than 50 short-form and long-form films since then.  

With a history as a craftsman combined with his experience as a creative and visual storyteller, Romero has a unique perspective that allows us to work with filmmakers to develop stunning, story-supportive sets, and design pieces that do more than just fill the frame.

Romero Pictures’ set & production design division operates under Romero’s grandfather’s surname, McKim, as a way to honor the man who taught him the art of woodcraft and the ways of his Scottish ancestors’ who have long designed and built across varying mediums while incorporating story, history and background into their work.

To engage Romero Pictures for your upcoming production with regard to set and production design / construction, please visit McKim Wood & Leather where you can reach out to commission Romero’s experience for your next production and also purchase replica items Romero has built as well as custom wood products designed by Romero.

Billy Wilder said, “A director must be a policeman, a midwife, a psychoanalyst, a sycophant and a bastard.”

a creative advocate

Even the strongest creative backbone of every project is only as good as those willing to fight for it to stay strong. Romero Pictures is no stranger to the eternal struggle between the suits and the creatives. After all… Romero, himself, has been on both sides of the conference table.

Therefore, a core belief of ours is that a collaboration of creativity and business can take a roughneck bring it home. Consequently, our projects are given every opportunity to shine creatively.  We protect and defend our creators and producers.  Once engaged your script is polished and protected all the way through production and post.  We work hard to give you everything you need to do the job.  If you don’t sleep, we don’t sleep.  Most of all, though, we break our necks to insure sure that the best version of your vision is delivered to the world.

Orson Welles said “A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.”  We will assemble your army and help you lead it to the finish line. 

the biggest picture

In conclusion, Romero has spent 25 years making 24 feature films and 125 commercials.  He has created more than 100 business plans and 75 marketing plans for startups.  His experience ranges from the tech industry to the entertainment industry.  He has witnessed or architected financing structures for all of his endeavors.  As a result, he has learned exactly how to not do things.

So while you, the content production producers and creators can easily find partners to take over your projects.  Romero’s company now seeks to work with promising talent, creative business practitioners and independent artists.  People who want to clear the path of confusion and manipulators.  Creators who want the barriers to fall away so they can focus on making the best content they can make.  No exceptions.