Romero Pictures is committed to the collaborative spirit on which our industry was built.  However, we do not accept unsolicited submissions.  

If you would like to contact Romero Pictures regarding set/production design and construction services, please visit McKim Wood & Leather.

a way to reach out

Contact Romero Pictures to start a dialogue.  The only way that anything has ever gotten done in this industry is by talking with people.  Networking is the key to your success and the key to our success.  If we don’t hear from you about what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong or just what the Hell we’re doing, in general, then there can be no two-way communication and without two-way communication, there can be no progress on either side of the coin.  While we don’t accept unsolicited submissions, we do accept unsolicited compliments, praises, criticisms, threats, complaints, arguments, movie recommendations, book recommendations, pictures of cute animals, etc… 

Here’s the rub:  We actually do accept unsolicited REQUESTS TO SUBMIT.  This means that you may contact us to receive a submission agreement that basically protects you and Romero Pictures.