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The Industry Machine is no big secret.  As long as there have been artists that required large-scale collaboration to execute their work, there has been a machine to make sure we don’t go too far into left field.  After all, we can’t have artists having their opinions and views accepted too widely!

Crowd Control Takes Back the Machine!


Micro Investing has become a trendy thing with apps and sites dedicated to turning spare change into profits over the long term.



I have taken a long, hard look at the current world of micro-investing and 100% of the time, there is a middle man.





Crowd Control – Own Your Content

With the recent breakthroughs in laws regarding the raising of small investments, the internet has been a-boom with different crowd sourcing websites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFund Me and countless others and, if you’re like me, you may have tried them once or twice.  If you fall within the tiny percentage of people who achieved their actual goals with a crowdfunding experience and were able to execute your film or “art” project with the funds you raised, then kudos to you!

However, I, like most who have gone down the crowdfunding road was less than impressed.  The rules imposed on the artist and methods and formats used to promote made the whole thing feel… off.  The campaigns themselves and those who oversee them have become just another cog in the wheel; another “step” independent artists have been reprogrammed to think is a necessary direction to take their projects.

This is the birth notion of Crowd Control  and this is the foundation on which I hope I get to build and leave my mark in this industry.

The program is simple.

  1.  Romero Pictures will place a slate of projects in the online store to include:

    1. Poster

    2. Synopsis

    3. Proposed Budget

    4. Production Goals

  2. If you like a project, get involved & participate from the very beginning of the film’s life cycle.

  3. Share the project and help recruit your friends and family to join in the creation.

  4. Aid in creative decisions early on that help drive the finished film.

  5. Receive a Producer’s Screener Kit in the mail within 12-18 months

  6. Receive your investment back plus interest* and own a piece of the film you helped create forever.**


Within 24 hours of your micro investment, you will receive your investor package that will outline:

How Much You Invested

The Project’s Estimated Budget

Your Estimated Percentage of Ownership in the Completed Film

Your login credentials to join the creative discussions about the project

Your login credentials to access transparent project operations and expense tracking


Supporters of the Partner Package will receive an additional login to the Operations Page for your project and will be able to see:

Regularly Updated Expense Tracking

Planned Spending and Projected Cost(s)

Potential Offers or Pending Deals for the Sale of the Project

Pro and Con Lists for Every Pending Offer or Deal

List of Active Group Discussions and Votes

Archive of All Group Discussions and Votes/Results


There are countless crowdfunding and artists’ support funding sites out there and they all take a cut from the artists and from you!

Crowd Control Puts Every Penny of Every Dollar into Your Project.

Crowd Control Puts Your Money into Your Ideas for Your Movies.

Contributor’s Package

This level of support is the bread and butter of Crowd Control.

Without individual supporters, independent art will die.  It is not only the love you have for the creation of independent art, but the understanding of the process and the lifestyle that is often necessary to create artful things without the worries and confinements of certain stressors.

It is the feeling an artist gets when that one supporter decides to buy a random copy of your movie at 2:47a.m. when you’re sitting there… awake… struggling over the next sentence or edit or music note or paint stroke; it is the feeling that comes at that moment when you think it’s time to cash in; it is the feeling that someone, somewhere just liked what you do long enough to reach out and say so… that’s what every independent sale means to every artist, I don’t care who they are.

This level of support is achieved through a single pre-order of any film.

  • Limited Edition DVD Copy of the Film
  • Limited Edition Poster from the Film
  • VIP Access to focus groups


I’ve never been happier about creating content or making my films than when the entire process has felt like a bunch of friends getting together to create.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bigger projects too, but there’s something about doing it the old way… that run ‘n gun stuff that creates situations that force creative solutions that birth so many artistic decisions.

Crowd Control is about taking back the purity that exists when friends get together to create.  To me, it’s about people believing in an idea and a community and supporting that idea and community so they can all be a part of making these flicks.

Crowd Control is My Way of Making My Next Movie… Our Next Movie.


Executive Producer’s Package

This level of support is right there with the bread and butter of the Contributors Level Supporters.

In my travels and over my career, I’ve had the privilege of shaking tens of thousands of hands and talked the “business of art” almost as many times.  One of the things that has always warmed my heart is when someone buys a t-shirt or a DVD and says “keep the change.”  That’s where the Executive Producer Package came from.

Make no mistake, I realize that $900 is way more than “keep the change” money.  I’ll explain.

Over the course of a recent production that carried me across 37 states, 6 Indian reservations and the District of Columbia with a shoot every day or night, I ran into a lot of people who would pull me aside at the end of the shoot and ask me about the movie.  A handful of them handed me a hundred dollar bill as I was packing out and said “put this toward your movie.”

These rare few occasions were brilliant moments in my life that will stand out forever, because it showed that people out there… people in “America the Forgotten” love the “Forgotten Independents.”  We are all the same from state to state and job to job… we are all struggling… we are all chasing down a goal or a dream… we are all together.

This category is for those whom I have shared time with and those with whom I have not; but all who recognize in each other the grit it takes to work at any job for any amount of money to pay some more bills when all we really want to do sometimes… is create something… or help to create something.

  • Executive Producer Credit in film
  • Regular Updates about the completion of the film
  • Exclusive Artwork and Downloads
  • Input Sessions to Participate in Poster Design
  • Early Access Screenings of the Film at Different Stages of Completion
  • Limited Edition Producer’s Screener Kit


Upon your investment into a partner package, you will be issued legally binding documents… in your favor.

In a world where everything begins with a disclaimer and every contract you read spends two pages making sure nobody can be held liable, I’m putting Romero Pictures on the line.  

Romero Pictures will issue documents to each Partner Package Holder outlining Romero Pictures’ role in the investment and will take full accountability for all business actions executed by Romero Pictures on behalf of the project.  Romero Pictures will also accept all liability with regard to the business of the project.  

Crowd Control Puts Romero Pictures On the Hook… Not the Investors. 

Partner’s Package

This level of support is designed with a little something extra.

I mentioned the business of art earlier on this page and the art of business has been the business of my art for about two decades.

Over my life and career, I’ve learned a lot about how to do good and fair business and how to avoid bad business.  When any film or filmmaker reaches a certain level of their business, the waters tend to become muddled and what may sound like a good idea to the artist, agent, manager and lawyer, may turn out to be a raw deal for the artist and a good deal for any one of the many people in the game of telephone that is entertainment negotiations.

Over time, this type of behavior has become a red flag to private investors who either have invested in films with the wrong people or know someone who has and now their taste buds have been ruined for the experience forever.

This is the epic struggle of the independent, today; the struggle of credibility and accountability.

It is this struggle that has led me to develop my current thought process in terms of making small, independent artful projects for an appreciative community and it is this struggle that has helped me identify all the issues when struggling to fund projects.  Simply put, the problems are everyone else.

When too many people get involved, it’s too easy for deals to go bad; too easy for communications to become garbled.  My Crowd Control program removes everything… except the art.

It’s simple… anyone who puts in any amount listed in this support level is making a true investment; one that will return them a percentage of interest on top of the amount contributed* and give them a percentage of ownership of the film project for the life of the film (which, according to entertainment industry terms is “in perpetuity;” which means forever).**

This level of support includes:

  • Executive Producer Credit in film
  • Regular Updates about the completion of the film
  • Exclusive Artwork and Downloads
  • Input Sessions to Participate in Poster Design
  • Early Access Screenings of the Film at Different Stages of Completion
  • Limited Edition Producer’s Screener Kit
  • Your Investment Returned with Interest*
  • Percentage Ownership of the Film and it’s Profits

* Based on the project’s overall budget, a percentage up to and not to exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the film will be reserved.  Partner level supporters and their contributions will be tallied and totaled at the close of the project’s sale period at which time, partner-level supporters will be issued their share of the partner percentage poole.  Partners will receive their investment back plus ten percent (10%) of their investment amount in interest.  

** Partner-level supporters will receive, in addition to their investment plus return, their assigned percentage of the film’s profits in perpetuity.

*** All returns and profit sharing are based on the success of the film project.  Partner-level supporters are taking the same risks all investors take.  No money is paid to investors or partner-level supporters until the film recoups it’s expenses.

**** In the event that productions require funding over and above funds raised via RomeroPictures.com and the Crowd Control program, all money acquired through the Romero Pictures Crowd Control program will be treated as “first money in” and Partner-Level supporters will be first in line to be repaid.