Rebecca L. Romero – Partner

Rebecca Romero is a creative producer and partner in Romero Pictures, LLC.  With a background in finance and corporate risk mitigation, Rebecca is an invaluable asset to the company and an integral part of project selection and finance modeling as well as a boots-on-the-ground producer.  A native of Kentucky, Rebecca’s long standing relationships within the state help bring projects Romero Pictures undertakes within the state to a seamless point of integration with local crews, production resources and state-specific benefits.

Her background in institutional finance and lending are the cornerstone for Rebecca’s expertise in compliance, regulations and risk mitigation and her ability to work as liaison between Romero Pictures and line producer and/or UPMs is a tremendous asset to Romero Pictures and the films, producers and filmmakers who are selected to work with the company to execute their projects with us.

George C. Romero – Partner

George Romero is a film and television producer and is one half  of Romero Pictures with Rebecca Brewer. With almost two dozen films and hundreds of commercial campaigns under his belt, George has written, produced and/or directed, arranged financing for more than 35 film, television and streaming projects and serves as a business consultant and mentor for young and new filmmakers, content creators and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the turbulence of the entertainment industry while working as a set/production designer for small, independent short films and feature length projects; overseeing and executing the design and construction of sets, props and design pieces with his son.

George received a B.A. in English Literature and attended the film production program at the Valencia school of film in Orlando, FL.  What sets him apart from other producer/directors is the fact that he spent his early life coming up hard in the film industry working in almost every department on small and large film productions from his father’s “The Dark Half” to “The Burbs” and “Roadhouse,” to name a few. 

This early and comprehensive exposure to the film industry and the process of filmmaking offered Romero the opportunity to learn the intimate details of production at a granular level while nurturing his own creative endeavors which has led Romero to his current career stage and afforded him the experience necessary to provide a steady and guiding hand to those he works with and mentors.