Outlaws and Lunatics


One of the first projects in the Romero Pictures #filmisfearless series centers around Romero’s brother, J.B. Beverley and the first solo tour of Beverley’s 20+ year career as a professional musician.

The film follows the guitar man’s summer tour as he gigs from North Carolina to Oregon and back.


Set against the backdrop of “America, the Forgotten,” long-time roots music legend J.B. Beverley travels and gigs from North Carolina to the West coast and back by way of a Chicago musice festival that he’s headlining and all the way out to another festival in Oregon where he will headline again before gigging his way back home to North Carolina.

While traveling the spring leg of the tour with him, I was privileged to see how he has spent the last fifteen years touching and effecting the lives of his fans, largely veterans and all pure, hard working, Americans.  The most intriguing part for me was to see my best friend and brother and I be so openly welcomed into these people’s lives and home.  When we weren’t near civilization, we simply grabbed our old hobo gear out of the truck and survived in the woods all the way across the South.  But when we were near a town or a show, the welcome we received was literally that of a walking folk hero to people from all walks of life.  And when they met me and found out that I’m a filmmaker, the way they opened up to us on camera is one of the most touching and amazing things I’ve ever seen. 

Beyond that, he and I endured and survived trials and tribulations of being on the road as traveling artists that go far outside the box in terms of anything I’ve ever seen and I watched hordes of people surround us to help us problem solve using local resources before they would send us off on to our next adventure with literal tears in their eyes.  

This is a film about the struggles of artists out there scrapping out a living and trying to survive and finding support in the parts of America that nobody thinks about because they aren’t NY, LA, Miami or Chicago.  

Pre-order your copy now to earn a special place in the credits of a film that promises an unabashed look into the lives of two struggling artists as they help each other write the next chapter of their journey.

DVD copies of this film will ship within 1 year of the close of this sale.

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Product Description

Product Description

OUTLAWS and LUNATICSis an action/crime thriller/grind house, styled screenplay, with twisted irony and a dark sense of humor. This disturbing, high concept story follows a handful of unique characters, as their interwoven lives unravel and collide, during a single night of uncanny coincidences and horrific consequences.

Synopsis: In the rural country side, when a young couple, Johnny and his girlfriend, Yvonne, robbed the strip club, her abusive guardian, Big Daddy, owns, it started a horrific, downward spiraling chain of events, which no one could have predicted or ever imagined.

Proceeding the robbery, during a single night of uncanny coincidences and costly consequences, we follow a handful of unique characters, through this maze of deceit, abuse, love, hatred and murder, as they discover just how interwoven their lives truly are.

As the night unravels, everyone’s sorted pasts collide with one another’s at a secluded motel, leaving a bloody trail of heartbreak and revenge in its wake.

Tag Line: Brutality connected them… Revenge set them apart

I LOVE this project!
Written by my dear friend, John Thaddeus, this movie is exactly the kind of thing that is perfect for Crowd Control!  The scale of the project is small enough to keep manageable on a small budget and achieve a big story in a small space.  Johnny is a master at this.  We’ve tried some traditional channels for this project and, frankly, there is a lot of interest to see it made.
The thing is that to make it in the more traditional sense involves spending a lot more money that I want to make it for.  This is the kind of movie that harnesses the energy of its own limitations and turns into something really great.


DVD copies of this film will ship within 1 year of the close of this sale.

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