Codenamed “Origins” since its inception in 2010, Romero has been working to make the film his father called “genius” for almost 8 years.  A definitive and true origin tale of the ghouls made famous by his father in 1968, Romero’s tale is one of deception, revenge and corruption that spans the six year period leading up to the fateful events of “Night of the Living Dead.”  Rooted in the turbulent actual events of the 1960s, “Rise” is the second generation of Romero’s entry into the universe his father created.

Romero has recruited his long time friend and mentor, Shane Hurlbut, a.s.c. (“Act of Valor,” “Need For Speed”) to shoot the film stating that “[working with] Shane has not only been a lifelong goal, but a dream of mine since I first saw his work ‘The Skulls.’  He is my gold standard of cinematography and has not only inspired me to shoot differently and push myself, but has taught me more about shooting than I ever thought I deserved to learn.  There is literally nobody else who can shoot ‘Rise’ the way it needs to be shot.”

The effects for “Rise” will be tackled by Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps.  Another friend of Romero’s for years, Romero said “I met with Bob in Santa Monica a few years ago.  We had known each other for years and had always talked about working together, but when we shared some time one particular day, we couldn’t stop nerding out about my dad, his work and what we would both want to do if we ever had the chance.  I sent him the script and when we got together again, the ideas just started flying.  I’m so lucky to get the chance to work with Bob on this and I think the fans are going to be blown away by what we come up with together to not only do the film justice, but to honor my dad and everything I believe this film should represent.”  VISIT WEBSITE

Romero’s twist on the traditional story structures of [wo]man v. self and [wo]man v. nature, “The Red” is one in a series of female-led thrillers that follows a mother into through the impossible task of finding the truth about her son’s disappearance five years ago somewhere in the unforgiving 42,000 acres of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge (The Red).

Visited by thousands every year, the Red River Gorge claims enough lives to earn an official statistic, but something doesn’t sit well with Sidney Graff about what happened to her son.

Plagued by cloudy memories and a trail of breadcrumbs that lead her back to location where she last saw her son, Sidney, a retired member of the search and rescue team and a local hero seasoned in the ways of the gorge, finds herself in a situation that not even she could have ever predicted as her search for what happened uncovers a truth that no mother should ever have to face.

“Outlaws and Lunatics” is an action/crime thriller/grind house, styled screenplay, with twisted irony and a dark sense of humor. This disturbing, high concept story follows a handful of unique characters, as their interwoven lives unravel and collide, during a single night of uncanny coincidences and horrific consequences.

In the rural country side, when a young couple, Johnny and his girlfriend, Yvonne, rob the town’s strip club, her abusive guardian Big Daddy owns, it starts a horrific, downward spiraling of events which no one could have predicted or ever imagined.

Proceeding the robbery, during a single night of uncanny coincidences and costly consequences, we follow a handful of unique characters, through this maze of deceit, abuse, love, hatred and murder, as they discover just how interwoven their lives truly are.

As the night unravels, everyone’s sorted pasts collide with one another’s at a secluded motel, leaving a bloody trail of heartbreak and revenge in its wake.

A professional gambler, Harley’s need for the gamble has driven her deep into the underworld of the closed-door card games and into the company of the city’s worst and psychologically unstable characters.

When her friend persuades her to help him take what is his from the two most notorious members of the underworld, Thomas and Nash, the plan goes off track leaving Harley to take the wrap.

Hurled into a sea of consequences, Harley finds herself in chains at the bottom of a marina with her daughter who can’t forgive her and her husband who will do anything to save his family while their captors watch from a boat above.

The game is on as Thomas and Nash host an opulent night for their guests that includes tormenting the family below making the impossible task of escaping seem insurmountable as Harley and family must overcome their turmoil, personal issues and lack of trust for each other before the air in their lines runs out or the natural dangers of the deep claim their lives.

“SKATE OR DIE” is an action/crime thriller set against the backdrop of Los Angeles in keeping with the sunset noir roots of the 1990s while offering an updated twist on the extreme action world of skateboarding. This fast-paced, high concept story centers on a unique group of young adrenaline junkies searching for what’s next in their lives while holding their friendships close through their lifelong love for the skate.

When a group of friends in Los Angeles band together to help one of them save his job at a popular reality production company by making the mother of all extreme skateboard videos, their cameras capture a violent, underworld murder that sets them on the run across the City of Angels with nothing to rely on but their skills, skateboards and friends as they work their way toward the authorities with the evidence and the hope that their efforts aren’t too little too late to save one of their own.

With the relentless and seemingly unstoppable killer on their trail, they will have barely enough time to breathe while they use everything ounce of everything at their disposal to get away as they are faced with only one option… Skate… or Die.

Home for good from a life in the service of the USA, John Simms, retired is set on a course of action unlike any other he has ever encountered in all his tours, when a long lost enemy returns to claim his payback.

John Simms, retired Navy SEAL has been trying to forget the wars he fought for the men who never knew his name.  With a family to love and a retirement to savor, old habits die hard when his nemesis, Borz Umarov pulls the trigger on a revenge plan that leads Simms all over Los Angeles on a map and compass mission with stakes that make washing out of B.U.D.S. seem nominal at best. 

Having planted explosives around Simms’ property prior to a legendary Simms barbecue, Umarov successfully holds Simms’ entire family hostage with the threat of the push of a button. 

With the stakes secure and the odds in Umarov’s favor, Borz sends Simms on a mission that will take him to the limits of his training… and his own boundaries in order to stop Umarov before it’s too late, save his family and keep from dying as he smashes his way through the treacherous waypoints set up by Umarov to exact his revenge against Simms for killing Umarov’s family during an incident in Syria. 

Simms must work against the odds to turn from hunted to hunter as these two highly trained Spec Ops soldiers use their bets tricks on each other in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the United States while life goes on around them.

Set in the near future, Earth is rapidly dissipating into a world of chaos and violence. Due to the chaos, medical technology has ceased evolving and sanitation has completely dissolved causing a disturbing epidemic to begin spreading, plaguing the world’s population. This disturbing virus takes about ten days to fully set in and is extremely contagious. The virus is attained by being bitten or by the exposure of blood by someone who carries it. The virus slowly renders your mental faculties and control of your body progressively more useless over the course of the ten days. Once the virus has fully taken control, therein only a zombie remains in what was once a human body. All thought and emotion has disintegrated and what’s left is an animalistic killing machine hell bent on flesh and blood.

The bond of family is both a transcendent and inescapable one that virtually any human being experiences or understands to some capacity. Amidst the backdrop of a harrowing futuristic dystopian zombie apocalyptic world, this bond is tested against a worldwide epidemic virus that threatens to exterminate the human race. This film explores the frightening reality of a human genocide at the hands of a zombie apocalypse. But beyond that, it delves into the even more terrifying reality of losing your family by your own hands without any ability to stop it.

This film is a unique take on the zombie film genre and story and uses the plot device of a zombie apocalypse to examine the poignant and relatable human elements of life, love, death, the powerful bond of family and of a global unity of the human race that we all need to survive.

A picture-perfect, Northern university campus is where Dr. Stephen Drake, Ph.D. calls home, but his run down floating killing machine of a houseboat is where he hangs his hat.

Running a university the size of Clarkstown and playing mentor to a host of characters, Dr. Drake has made a successful career of being an upstanding citizen and contributing member of society. With no need for personal relationships due to his troubled but chosen lifestyle, the school plays a perfect cover for him as he can maintain countless acquaintances without ever getting too close to anyone.

Still, the basic human need to leave some kind of legacy takes hold of him and he reaches out in an attempt to care about Cassie- Ann, his faithful and beautiful administrative assistant. Not sure how to cope with the reality of her life, he turns to a willing young student seeking knowledge to experiment with a new kind of legacy… One that has a much darker and purer source.

Fueled by egos, a sense of competition and the mutual lust for Cassie-Ann, Drake and his apprentice, Jimmy, engage in a twisted game of cat and mouse using the police and the media against each other while trying to out-smart each other.

Traveling the rivers together, the two cause havoc and heartache along the road to the final battle between teacher and student… Love, pain and feelings the two hold as pure drive their actions as the local body count starts to rise and press starts to take notice.

With the walls… and the police closing in on the two, one must take the fall for the other. Which will prevail? Jimmy’s new training and skills or the lifetime of murderous experience that made Drake, his teacher, the killer he is today.