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Carefully selected and incubated, Romero’s projects stand apart from the herd.


Sidney Graff was a typical, outdoor-loving, family-cherishing mother and wife until her world was turned upside down on a camping trip five years ago leaving her husband and son missing in Kentucky’s 42,000 acre Red River Gorge and her mind filled with holes about what happened.

Upon her discharge from a hospital, an event sparks a memory that spurs her to venture back into the gorge to find her son.

A skilled navigator and extreme outdoor enthusiast, Sidney is baffled when she can’t find her bearings or any sign of what the gorge took from her and is left with no choice but to call for help.  After days of rescue attempts and professionals trying to zero her location with no luck, Sidney’s mind begins to play tricks on her…

… but are the tricks just that simple, or are they a reality that she has left buried deep within her psyche for half a decade?


Synopsis: In the rural country side, when a young couple, Johnny and his girlfriend, Yvonne, robbed the strip club, her abusive guardian, Big Daddy, owns, it started a horrific, downward spiraling chain of events, which no one could have predicted or ever imagined.

Proceeding the robbery, during a single night of uncanny coincidences and costly consequences, we follow a handful of unique characters, through this maze of deceit, abuse, love, hatred and murder, as they discover just how interwoven their lives truly are.

As the night unravels, everyone’s sorted pasts collide with one another’s at a secluded motel, leaving a bloody trail of heartbreak and revenge in its wake.


A taught, claustrophobic thriller about a woman who spends her personal life with her family and her working hours as part of the seedy underworld of professional gamblers until she backs the wrong associate and ends up in the river figuratively and physically.  Cast to the bottom of the ocean and bound to cinder blocks with limited amounts of oxygen, Harley, her husband and their daughter are faced with the impossible task of saving their own lives and the insurmountable challenge of working through their family problems and trust issues without the ability to speak to one another and while they work against the clock to free themselves and escape the clutches of the evildoers who put them in their predicament for the purposes of deepening their pockets through a sadistic night of off-shore betting.


Born from a love for his father’s work (and his father), Romero the Younger, was once asked what kind of zombie film he would love to make.  “Origins” was his response.  A definitive and true origin tale of the ghouls made famous by his father in 1968, Romero’s tale is one of deception, revenge and corruption that spans the six year period leading up to the fateful events of “Night of the Living Dead.”  With roots in actual historic events and voodoo studies from the sixties, the second generation of Romero is about to tell the next generation story of his father’s creation!


Romero and Beverley take to the road this summer for Beverley’s 2016 Lone Wolf Tour. This marks Beverley’s first solo tour. In addition to taking on the role of tour manager for the summer, Romero is currently in pre-production on a very personal and inside look at the life of a touring artist that will take form as a documentary about the summer-long odyssey shared by two brothers, one a life-long musician and the other a life-long filmmaker and both artists who dedicated themselves to the actual lifestyle long, long ago and have walked the minimal life for the sake of their passions.


One of Romero’s most anticipated passion projects, “Radical” marks the third time he has worked with Sizemore and is a project that was inspired by Romero’s outrage toward homegrown terrorism.  The project was written, pre-produced, cast, re-written, shot and cut within thirty (30) days as a self test to see if he could pull it off.  Romero worked with long time business partner, BJ Hendricks and friend, Ford Austin, both of whom starred in the film opposite each other and on opposite sides of the conflict.

After a long delay trying to get the film into the public through traditional channels, Romero has made the decision to remove any restrictions on himself or his content and release the film independently through RomeroPictures.com.

Release date is pending, but anticipated to be late 2016.


Staunton Hill represents my first genre film to receive wide release on a major label.  While the project itself, was one of the more challenging projects I can remember and was fraught with issues that circled just outside of a lot of peoples’ control, at the end of the day I was tasked with delivering a horror film that at least echoed the project’s early concepts, didn’t step on any copyright issues with anything else in the world and had all the elements of a traditional horror film plus enough “Romero” in it to justify everybody taking such a “risk” on me.  

At the end of the day, I managed to turn in a very personal love letter to the horror films of the 70’s that I was weaned on at a young age.

While it wasn’t received very well upon its initial release, “Staunton Hill” found its own audience after a time and really did wonders for letting would-be watchers of my future work realize that I was working to develop my own creative voice and signature style.

I love this movie for all the right reasons.