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So many died for us.  We think it’s time someone lived for them.

a non-profit organization

The Veterans’ Compound is a nonprofit organization started by George C. Romero and  dedicated to helping veterans transition back to their lives in the private sector through focusing energy on the arts with specialties in film and music production.    

The Veterans’ Compound gives every veteran in the compound a piece of ownership of all content created and helps create a financial cushion for their futures.

“The Veterans’ Compound has been a dream of mine for years.  I, and Romero Pictures, are dedicated to the creation of a program in which men and women of our military who are suffering can learn to follow a creative path.” – G.C. Romero

It is our goal to help channel experiences and translate unbelievable training into creation through writing, photography, cinematography, rigging, line producing, directing, fabricating, lighting, grip and everything else that goes into creating a film. 

a “not-school” film school

Romero has spent a lifetime in the advertising and entertainment industries.  After being turned away from the Marines three times when he was 18, Romero found himself knee deep in the business that he was born into and has spent his life learning the intricacies of the entertainment industry from the lowest levels of Production Assistant to the highest seat on a set and even as the Chief Creative Officer and founder of Western Pennsylvania’s first and only commercial and film production studio where he trained and mentored young talent to fill roles on film sets, in production offices and in post production facilities.  

For him, this industry saved his life and offered a way for him to channel his own experiences into the same creative process that he works to teach veterans as they transition back to the private sector with too much on their minds, too much in their hearts, not enough support from the right places and, more often than not, way too undervalued to easily find work to support themselves, let alone a family.  

Contact us through Romero Pictures for now.  We are working to provide a dedicated solution for the Veterans’ Compound, but are currently managing it all together.